Student Learning

Let the Journey Begin

Welcome to my blog! I hope you are able to learn from my reflections as I continue to grow and learn as an educator.  I started this blog for a couple reasons.  First, as I continually learn I want to share that with others.  Second, my professional focus is evolving and I want to reflect on the changes that are happening as I experience them.

The truth is…I get crazy excited about the biological sciences (or any science for that matter), but I have been experiencing a bit of a shift in how I want to inspire others.  I have always enjoyed building relationships with students, technology integration (blended learning/hybrid instruction), and curriculum/instructional design.  This has led me on the path toward now helping shape the bigger picture of education.  I want to help ensure that teachers are successful in the classroom and that students learn to their fullest potential.  Since student learning is still at the heart of everything we do do in education, I named my blog to reflect that.  I look forward to using this blog as a reflection of my current role as a teacher and as administrator “in training.” I am ready to embrace change and continue to grow professionally while continually leading by example.

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